Ginseng is a prized herb used by Chinese for thousands of years. It is also known as “Human’s root” and the “King of Herb”. The cultivation of ginseng takes a long period of time of at least 3 to 4 years before harvesting. The cultivation of ginseng also requires good soil, good cultivation method and the climate.

It is important to know that due to its high prices, there are many ginseng tea suppliers who sell them with questionable purity from inferior sources.

According to TCM, unlike Asian Ginseng, which has heaty effect, Amercian Ginseng are cooler to our body.

Hasutomi souces its ginseng tea directly from USA without going through a 3rd country. Henceforth, this ensures purity and quality of our products.

It is Hasutomi’s belief to bring quality health food that are relatively affordable to our customers. We import directly from suppliers and we sell directly to customers. We do not profit share with retailers and do not believe in spending excessively on packaging, advertisements and marketing, which makes our prices more competitive.

Our Ginsengs are grinded to fine bits and are conveniently put in teabags, which can be enjoy by pouring boiling water on a teabag and let it infuse for about 5 mins. Each teabag are individual packed and sealed, which are easy to carry to offices and workplaces. It is also easy to take along for overseas trips.

Yes. It is ideal for making chicken ginseng soup and other dishes for its favour and as a tonic to health.